About us


gallery ON THE HILL is a small gallery that is located inside Hillside Terrace in Daikanyama,

a town on a hill where time takes on a slower pace despite its being situated in the center of Tokyo, a big and vibrant city.

What we aim to achieve is a gathering place for art, where people who love beautiful things come together and connect, as well as a place to introduce and display contemporary art.

It is not meant to be a glamorous gathering place, but a space similar to a Chashitsu , a traditional tea-ceremony room.

The Chashitsu was where the host of the house served tea and entertained the guests.

Much thought went into separating this room from the outside world.

By making the room extremely small and separate, it allowed the host and the guests to face one another in complete privacy and quietude.

In this extraordinary space, something connected and something new was created.

We have modeled this small space in Daikanyama on a Chashitsu, a place of hospitality and of creation.

It is our wish that through our gallery you will be able to experience firsthand the birth of something new and extraordinary.